POP:DND – In Memory of Lance Reddick – VTT Character Tokens

Remembering Lance Reddick: Free Character Art Tokens for TTRPGs

The recent passing of actor Lance Reddick has left many in the gaming community saddened. Reddick was well-known for his roles in popular TV series like The Wire, Fringe, and John Wick, but he was also a passionate gamer and supporter of geek culture.

In honor of his memory, I created a set of free character art tokens featuring Reddick’s likeness. These tokens can be used in popular virtual tabletop (VTT) platforms like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Foundry VTT, for games like Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

To use the tokens, simply download the images from The Dungeon Geek Patreon page and import them into your VTT platform of choice. The tokens are available in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, making them easy to integrate into your game sessions.

As fellow gamers and fans, let us remember Lance Reddick’s legacy and the joy he brought to our lives through his work and passion for gaming. May these character art tokens serve as a small but meaningful tribute to his memory.

All art assets are made with Pro Create, Adobe Creative Cloud & MidJourney Ai.

POP:D&D is dedicated to blending the boundaries between the cultural icons we know and the games we love to play.

Download the VTT Tokens and Character Background PDF on Patreon for FREE!

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