POP:D&D – Teifling Beyoncé – VTT Character Token

I’m excited for my Friday release of Beyoncé character tokens and 5e compatible character background are now available for free use in your virtual tabletop games! I hope you’re Crazy in Love with these resources and they help you create a character that’s Flawless. 🎵🎲🎵🎲🎵🎲

All art assets are made with custom digital painting, photoshop & MidJourney Ai.

POP:D&D is dedicated to blending the boundaries between the cultural icons we know and the games we love to play.

Download the VTT Tokens and Character Background PDF on Patreon for FREE!

Interested in support The Dungeon Geek! Think about joining my Patreon for Fantasy Battle Maps and More!

Or donate directly by buying me a coffee!

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