POP:D&D – Halfling Macaulay Culkin – VTT Character Tokens

If Kevin McAlister from “Home Alone” were a halfling in D&D, what class would he be? I think he’d be a rogue, maybe Mastermind archetype. Like halflings, Macaulay’s portrayal of Kevin is a small but mighty, resourceful, and cunning character. As a rogue, he could use his agility, sleight of hand, and lockpicking skills to set traps and defend his home against intruders. Plus, his Lucky trait would give him an advantage in critical situations. So there you have it, Kevin McAlister: rogue halfling extraordinaire. Made with custom digital painting, photoshop & MidJourney Ai.

POP:D&D is dedicated to blending the boundaries between the cultural icons we know and the games we love to play.

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