POP:D&D – Human Rogue Danny McBride – VTT Character Tokens

Today’s token is based on Danny McBride. What an absolutely inappropriate and wonderful collection of character’s he’s embodied. So much in fact that I’ve been inspired to create a pdf published one shot based on these characters to include in your TTRPG Games. It will include an adventure with detailed locations, player handouts, maps, npc blocks and unique treasure items. I’m on the fence if it will be system neutral or specific to something like 5e. Regardless, it will function as a really wonderful ‘The Heroes Meet At A Tavern’ introduction adventure, but could be scaled for your own purposes if you’d like. More details soon!

POP:D&D is dedicated to blending the boundaries between the cultural icons we know and the games we love to play. Made with Adobe Creative Cloud, AI photobashing, digital painting and editing.

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