POP:D&D – Street Fighter: Akuma– VTT Character Tokens

As you stroll through the bustling city, a figure steps out of the shadows. He’s muscular, dressed in a tattered gi, and has glowing red eyes. The crowds scatter in fear. Before he attacks with lightning-fast speed, utters threateningly, “Die one thousand deaths…”. Suddenly striking out with his powerful fists he forms ki energy into flame and unleashes a devastating fireball. Bystanders flee, leaving you alone with this powerful warrior as you and your party scramble to defend yourselves, desperately trying to find a weakness in this seemingly invincible opponent.

With a bit of AI photobashing, photoshop magic and custom painting. The Dungeon Geek presents a stylized Akuma from Street Fighter! For this token, I wanted to blend the lines between source material and TTRPG humanoids. He could be a Hobgoblin, Ogre Kin or anything you’d like in your game world. I’m very happy with the result thanks to AI and time spent customizing, overpainting and color correcting this BBEG. I hope you enjoy!

POP:D&D is dedicated to blending the boundaries between the cultural icons we know and the games we love to play.

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