POP:D&D – Lloth Sorcerer Emily Ratajkowski – VTT Character Tokens

Why not have a PC be roleplay as an influencer in the Forgotten Realms? Truth-bomb. I’m in my late 30’s at this point and I wouldn’t know who Emily Ratajkowski was if I hadn’t Googled popular celebrities in 2023. I’m satisfied with the results of this one – mostly because I dont have many ‘young’ token options in my current collection and because I was able to check off the wish list for ‘Servant of Lloth’ that I had on my character concept list. Presumably this could be any kind of elf (drow, high, forest, eladrin) or even a human.

Also, for any 5e players out there looking for a way to incorporate bloodline of Lloth in a Sorcerer build. I’d suggest maybe talking to your GM and lightly reskinning the descriptions around the Shadow or Divine Soul bloodline (Taking the harm versions of spells) and always leaning into taking spider themed spells like Web, Spider Climb, Charm and Poison based damage effects.

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