D&D Creature Feature – Freshwater Scrag

With the drop of Mordenkainens Tome Of Foes we received an extended bestiary which expanded on number of Troll Options that you can challenge your players with. I like the new options. However the writing/design team opted to create variants based upon the mutation function of the creatures regeneration ability rather than classis alternate versions of the Troll that we’ve seen in previous editions and other D&D systems like Pathfinder.

Here is a Freshwater Scrag (Aquatic Troll) that you can throw at your PCs. With a large alligator like head, it wrestles it’s meals under the surface of rivers and lagoons where it drowns it’s prey.


I hope you enjoy this monster! Awesome Art By Tony DiTerlizzi
Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

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