D&D Creature Feature – Storm Oracle Cyclops

Today’s Creature Feature is a special one. I am bracing for my upcoming campaign that will feature a lot of “Legendary” creatures. I mean this both mechanically and mythological-ly. I don’t know if that is a real word…

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So I recently made a juvenile version of the cyclops. This got me thinking. I wanted a higher CR boss cyclops. Since they aren’t inherently evil, this could an NPC that the PC’s could seek out. Personally I believe that a wise, oracle giant that feels more like classic clash of the titans mythology is a great theme to explore. So I buffed the dumb as a rock cyclops and installed upper management for their society.

The Storm Oracle has been blinded as part of it’s blessing/curse. However they gained other supernatural powers. Short range True Sight and the ability to see into the future to determine the fate of heroes, nations and gods. These powers should be enough to lure adventurers to their doorsteps to learn sacred truths about themselves and their world.

Here are some questions that you can answer to give your oracle a purpose in your game world. How did they gain their power? What do they watch over or protect? What is their lair like? Are they good, evil or in between? Do they help anyone or ask for favors from mortals that approach them?

Storm Oracles can be any alignment. This can influence how they came to have their powers in your game. Divine? Have them speak Celestial. Evil? Abyssal. Somewhere between? Perhaps they know Primordial.

I hope you enjoy this monster! Awesome Art By Phill S. @ Deviant Art
Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

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