D&D 5e Creature Feature – Minor Mummy

I was painting my hero quest minis the other day and ended up with enough mummy miniatures to outnumber my homegame PC group. Well I can’t very well put them up against 8 Mummy Lords. And even eight CR 3 Mummies is a bit beyond their current capabilities.

So I wanted what any GM would want. Mummy Minions!! mummers

And here they are presented at CR 1/2. By simply reworking some of the ability scores, core stats and special abilities these are able to challenge lower level parties that really should have stayed out of that burial chamber in the first place.

CLICK HERE FOR PDF VERSIONCreature Feature - Minor Mummy

Big props to the amazing concept art by Brian Valeza. Find him on Deviant Art and on his Web Site. Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

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