Free D&D Battlemap – Coastal Sea Cavern

Don’t forget to bring a snorkel! Tread through the shallow waters of this dangerous sea cave. Fill it with monsters that you’re PC group will regret facing on their home turf.


Note: These maps are my own work and have in part been created by reproducing found textures online. They’re FREE to use.

Download The Map Here VTT_Map_Lair_SeaCave_40x30


  1. Thanks for this map! This is exactly what I have been looking for to use with the Pirates of the Spanish Main adventure I intend to run this weekend.

  2. So this is definitely not the Shellcracker Caverns from book 1 of Ruins of Azlant.

    Got any more battlemaps from definitely not this book? Because the ones in the book are horribly artaefacted

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