Seven Months Later.

Time to pick things back up again. I spent a lot of the last 7 months gaming and have quite a bit to show for it. Not that anyone follows these posts… but screw it!

So I absolutely love and have run a Marvel Heroic RPG game (over) and several Pathfinder Games including my Homebrew Serpents Skull Game which is ongoing. So if you haven’t checked out Roll20 or have and are looking for some FREE MAPS. Boom – you got it right here. No promises though on how well they’re gonna upload here. As always if you see something you like, I have the best quality versions available if you send me a message.

Note: These maps are my own work and have in part been created by reproducing found textures online. Since they were made for roll20 they are gridless, but their dimensions (mostly) are for a 1″ grid on a 30″x30″ slide. They’re FREE to use.






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  1. I’ve been looking to make jungle encounter maps for a while now but can’t seem to get it right. I love yours ! Got those same trees already but I was wondering if you could share your ground textures with me.

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