Pathfinder Society s02-19 Custom Map Art

As promised here are the custom maps I created for PFS 02-19 Shades of Ice 3. It was really fun to DM/GM for pathfinder. I haven’t ran a d20 style game since AD&D 2nd Ed. in 8th grade. As usual, I can email full res art out to anyone who requests it free of charge, see contact in profile.

Here are the maps I created.

#1 – Dead Skirmishers. This map wasn’t included in the scenario but I felt that it deserved to set the tone because of the first monster encounter.

#2 – Druid Circle. The recommended map pack in the scenario has GM’s use a temperate setting for this. I went ahead and recreated this setting as in the winter them.

#3 – Painted Cave. This is a recreation of the cave recommended to use. I think using either will play just as well as the other.

#4 – The Gorge Stampede.. I chose not to use a map for this Encounter. Instead I Roleplayed the whole event with the pathfinders and it worked out perfectly.


#5 Mountain Pass. This is a recreation of the mountain pass map pack piece. Using either will play just as well as the other.


Next up – The Dalsine Affair.

Note: These maps are my own work and have in part been created by reproducing found textures online. They were created, by me, for free distribution to be used with PAIZO’s published Pathfinder Scenario available here –

Support Paizo and buy this great scenario.

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